The Blueprint for Total Goal Achievement is a method of clearing obstacles to personal achievement. The Blueprint consists of a diverse group of interactive exercises designed specifically to clear a pathway to success in setting and achieving business and personal goals.

Kenneth A. Kern, MD, MPH, MS

Background and Credentials

When it comes to achieving goals, Dr. Ken Kern knows what he's talking about -- from personal experience. Dr. Kern holds three advanced degrees: an MD degree, along with a Master's Degree in Public Health (MH), and Master's of Science (MS) Degree in Regulatory Affairs (Pharmaceutical Drug Development). He achieved these goals using the Total Goal Achievement Blueprint.


Dr. Ken Kern, MD, MPH, MS

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Keynote Experience

If anyone knows about goal achievement, it's Dr. Kenneth Kern. 

It requires motivation, hard work, and most importantly a blueprint for success to become an honors graduate in college, and then to obtain three additional advanced degrees (MD, MPH, MS).

​During his keynote address, Dr. Kern will share the blueprint for techniques for achieving TOTAL GOAL SUCCESS.

Dr. Kenneth Kern ("Ken") is a former cancer surgeon currently working as a cancer research physician in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds three advanced degrees in medicine and health care.

Dr. Kern graduated with Honors and Distinction in General Scholarship from the University of California, Berkeley as a Biochemistry major, and delivered the Valedictorian Address to the graduating class (BA, with honors, Biochemisty).

Thereafter he obtained his medical degree (MD) degree from Harvard Medical School, his General Surgery training from Johns Hopkins Hospital, and his Cancer Surgery training from the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute (National Institutes of Health).

He obtained his Master of Public Health degree (MPH) while practicing surgery as a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Connecticut. More recently, as a cancer research physician, he obtained his Master of Science (MS) in Regulatory Affairs (Drug Development) degree from San Diego State University.

Dr. Kern has written over 120 academic articles and book chapters, and deliver over 300 lectures and presentations.

In addition to his training in surgery and cancer medicine, he is also a Medical Hypnotist with thousands of hours of training and memberships in multiple hypnosis societies.