The Blueprint for Total Goal Achievement is a method of clearing obstacles to personal achievement. The Blueprint consists of a diverse group of interactive exercises designed specifically to clear a pathway to success in setting and achieving business and personal goals.

Dr. Ken Kern educates with impact by providing an audience experience through interactive teaching to demonstrate the skills being taught.

Total Goal Achievement​ Your Blueprint for Personal Success 


  • ​​Have you ever wondered why most people who set their goals never reach them?

  • The TOTAL GOAL ACHIEVEMENT will help you avoid this trap by providing a system of time-tested methods to personal and business success.





Presents a Breakthrough Strategy to Reach Business and Personal Goals

Solution Oriented

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A keynote by Dr. Ken Kern is focused on solutions to real-world problems in goal achievement. The education is focused, practical, and hands-on.

No one wants to sit through a boring classroom lecture.  A keynote by Dr. Ken Kern provides training  in a fun and entertaining way.

When it comes to achieving goals, Dr. Ken Kern knows what he's talking about -- from personal experience. Dr. Kern holds three advanced degrees: an MD degree, along with a Master's Degree in Public Health (MH), and Master's of Science (MS) Degree in Regulatory Affairs (Pharmaceutical Drug Development). He achieved these goals using the Total Goal Achievement Blueprint.

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